Friday, June 4, 2010

4/6/10 - Interruption to Water Supply - Parts of Stillorgan, Mount Merrion Avenue, Booterstown and Seafield - Update

The water supply was interrupted in some parts of Stillorgan earlier today, including Mount Merrion Avenue, Booterstown and Seafield and surrounding areas due to a burst watermain. Most areas should now have a mains water supply, possibly with some reduction in water pressure. There are some areas adjacent to Stillorgan which may be without water until early tomorrow morning. Work will continue throughout the night as necessary to repair the supply.

'The Hill' in Stillorgan will be closed to traffic until Saturday afternoon to facilitate the repairs. Local access will be maintained.

Please note that these are not planned works and as such the Council regrets that there was no opportunity to notify residents prior to the interruption. Thank you.